Saving you money

  • Our management fee is typically 8%, calculated on gross monthly rentals received – our competitive price point in no way affects our ability to deliver superior service.

  • RESE has eliminated many industry inefficiencies in our business model and have passed these savings on to you.

  • Each project is carefully reviewed to ensure we understand the exact scope of work and truly fulfill your expectations.

  • (Any such fees agreed would be taken out of the first month’s rent, or amortized, if necessary – you have zero out of pocket when you appoint RESE to take care of your property)

  • There are NEVER any additional fees, costs or charges, for as long we manage the property.

  • RESE has strong relationships with our approved vendors (who are always licensed and insured) we are confident you will be getting value for money repairs and maintenance service delivery.

  • We are always open to working with vendors preferred by our clients.



Saving you time

  • Your money is deposited directly to your bank account every month – no fees.

  •  You, the property owner, has 24/7 access to your account online.

  • We will work with you to satisfy your financial reporting requirements.

  • We understand that each project is unique and, as such, RESE will work tirelessly to find the best and most effective solution possible.



Saving you headaches

  • Our fully integrated online system allows tenants to pay rent, report maintenance issues  and access their accounts 24/7.

  • RESE will provide all required financial statements and tax documents.

  • A significant portion of the management fee is paid to our property managers – this ensures they are motivated to deliver a world class service to you and that their interests are aligned with yours.

  • We regard our relationships with our clients as being fundamental to the continued success of our business and, as a result, you can count on us to always do the right thing.



Some additional aspects of our model which will be of benefit to you

  • Our commitment is to constantly improving our service delivery and request your feedback whenever possible.

  •  There are no hidden fees, costs, deposits or clauses for you to worry about when you deal with RESE Property Management, resulting a predictable monthly disbursement .

  • Both of our founders have accounting qualifications and understand the importance of delivery of accurate, timely and meaningful financial reports.